Welcome to Aristos Tropos

Welcome to Aristos Tropos, the optimum Way of Wellness!

As this is the first post, it serves as a means of an introduction…

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In a nutshell and to say it simply, we have combined Kriya Yoga, Tai Chi, HIIT and Wim Hof Method into one, and that 'one’ we call Aristos Tropos which means 'optimum way’ in Greek. The first one who has notably used that expression in his dialogues was a Greek philosopher, Plato.

Aristos Tropos training, conditioning and therapy is a process and definitely requires commitment but, like with Wim Hof Method, you can see and feel the changes from day one! If you follow the path of Aristos Tropos closely and be attentive to yourself, it would lead you to deep relaxation, meditative mood and incredible focus… not to mention other benefits, usually associated with practising Wim Hof Method, as well.

Is there a one-for-all method possible? Definitely yes, and definitely no! Aristos Tropos is a way of wellness and as such it recognises each person as an individual, with all the associated complexities. Therefore, like Kriya Yoga, Aristos Tropos is a way of adjusting the available tools and techniques to suit an individual… any individual. And we know what we are talking about as we have already trained quite a number of people, ranging from athletes to people with health conditions, including individuals suffering from severe depression and long-term insomnia.

Very much similar to Wim Hof Method (which keeps being developed and changed), Aristos Tropos is the solution that is being stirred and mixed every day… to test, to proofread, to adjust and fine-tune. This is the 'svadhyaya’ aspect of self-observance, self-learning and self-development. While 'tapas’, i.e. asanas and pranayama, serve as more physical means of cleansing and purification, they also provide a recurring basis for self-examination, from where–with focus and commitment–you can start the self-learning process…

Aristos Tropos is not only concentrated on physical and mental exercises as it is a comprehensive, 'holistic’ way to improve your wellness (and wellness around you). It includes intermittent fasting as means of advice, similarly to other dietary recommendations, as well as supplements and hygiene advice.

We organise 1-day workshops, weekend workshops and we will also offer retreats pretty soon… but on a weekday basis we also provide regular Aristos Tropos classes in Sherborne (Dorset). The details of the latter ones will soon be announced as they are either generic Aristos Tropos based or specifically targeted at specific conditions, being either weight-loss, flexibility, meditation, mindfulness… All of the classes have their more in-depth description in our events page.

We have invented and introduced the Cold Shower Enhancer which is introduced on a separate page. This little, very efficient and very environmentally friendly device, aids in taking an ice-cold shower of 2-4C for the duration of about 10 minutes, using only one bucket (10kg) of ice! It now uses a new Gas Diffuser Module which help in stabilising the cold temperature for a longer periods of time. The Cold Shower Enhancer can be purchased online via our shop.

Anyway, keep in touch and read other posts when they appear here as and when time allows…

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